martedì 19 novembre 2013

Kiko 440 Electron Blue- Digital Emotion LE

I finally had the time to put my new polish on! Electron Blue, made of blue and light blue microglitters that reflect the light so awesomely it seems the glitters are multicolored, is a great polish.
Here shown is three coats (you'll need them to build the opacity up, or you can use a dark base), no topcoat. I will aplly topcoat in the future to make it more shiny, and of course it's a bit gritty at the touch, due to the glitter density. For reviewing purposes, however, I never use topcoat.

I wish I could take pics under sunlight, but it has been raining for weeks.
Anyway, good and easy application: the brush takes up the amount of glitter you need, and drying time is very good for three coats of polish. I love this polish so much, I have lots of blue polishes but no one is like this. As I predicted, it shines like a city at night.

Vote: A.

2 commenti:

  1. Questa collezione è davvero stupenda!

    1. Siii è una meraviglia! Mi sono anche innamorata della polvere cotta illuminante, è così profumosa! Qui coi saldi sarà la fine..