venerdì 9 agosto 2013

Kiko's new LE: Dark Heroine

Kiko released today the new fall LE, named Dark Heroine. Which has a whole cyberpunk/Blade Runner feel, hence the asian model I presum.
Urban settings, city lights and skyscrapers? Count me in.
My first impression is of genuine enthusiasm, if I have time I'm going to check if they have something this afternoon.

I can't wait to try the lipsticks (well, I'll try the plum, not this pink, either way look at the names, they're doing it right!)
And what about the nail polishes? I wonder about the finish... if they're available at Kiko I will do some swatches...

All the photos are taken from Kiko's website.

Are you excited as me for this LE?

(p.s. on facebook I've seen lots of complaints about the prices, honestly, they don't seem that high to me or higher than kiko's LE usual prices.)

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