martedì 6 agosto 2013

Sleek Battle: Candy vs Lagoon

My lack of posts was due to not having worn anything new on my nails, since I went to the beach I preferred to keep it simple (Shaka Burlesque is the perfect summer polish).

I am working on a new nail art, but today I want to show you something else:

I recently bought the lovely Sleek Candy palette. I found it in Sephora, I was there for something else and then I saw was the last one, I tried the tester, fell in love with the colors..

The packaging is cute as well!

Isn't it delicious? but we're here for a palette battle, so, here's a comparison between Candy and my other Sleek palette, Lagoon. I was afraid there might be dupes or identical shades...luckly, that's not the case.

Candy colors: first row from top to bottom: Flump, Pear Drop, Apple Sour, Parma Violet, Bon Bon, Strawberry Sherbet. Second row: Cream Soda, Mint Cream, Bubblegum, Aniseed, Blue Fizzle, Liquorice.
Lagoon colors: first row: Pink Jewel, Sand Dollar, Underworld, Sea Shell, Night Sky, Ariel. Second row: Sassea, Deep Water, Reflection, Emerald, Oyster, Black Pearl.

Both the palettes have a white and a black, unsurprisingly. Yet, the Lagoon white (Oyster), it's a creamy, ivory white, while the Candy white (Cream Soda) is more of a clean, classical white. Both are shimmery.
Lagoon's black, Black Pearl, is shimmery, while Candy's black, Liquorice, is matte.
As for the other colors, I say there can't be many dupe doubts: Lagoon's two matte violets, Night Sky and Deep Water, are darker and colder than Parma Violet and Flump. Parma Violet, the darker violet, is surprisingly warm.

I haven't had many chances to wear the Candy colors, since it's too hot to wear make up here (it's too hot to do anything, I wish i could just switch hemispheres when it's summer).
Both palettes are nice, I can't say I have a favourite, both have colors I love (Pear Drop, Ariel), but Candy probably has more colors I can use, since Night Sky and Deep Water don't look really nice on me, I can only use them as eyeliners. I can't wait to use those little palettes more, they're perfect for travel! I will bring Candy with me soon.

It would be hard to recommend just one of the palettes, because it depends a lot on the kind of makeup one's used to wear, you have many different options in both. Lagoon probably offers more "subtle eye" options, with Sand Dollar and Sea Shell. But considering how cheap they are, you can have both. I think those Sleek palettes are both great in terms of price and quality and are good pigmented, and offer a wide range of colors in a limited space.

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  1. Le palette Sleek sono sempre carinissime! Non ne ho più comprate per non riempirmi di roba, ma se non fosse per quello scrupolo...

    1. Sono una droga, concordo! Meno male che quella dell'edizione speciale d'autunno sembra avere troppi viola per i miei gusti (mi piacciono ma su di me fanno effetto pestone)...