venerdì 15 febbraio 2013

Mini Essence Haul and Reviews

I've been away for a few days around Valentine's day, and I was pleased to come back and see my blog had a lot of visits especially on Valentine's day, that was unexpected, so thank you!

I have many things to post about, let's start with my small Essence haul: some Essence products will be discontinued and were on sale, so I bought the two Colour3 polishes I wanted and a nail polish from the Snow Jam LE. I had to celebrate the end of exams, after all.

A Walk in the Park + Stop for an Ice Cream, Life is a Freeride, Midnight Date + The City that Never Sleeps.

And, since I was in a good mood, I tried them all the same afternoon:
This is two coats of Midnight Date, A Walk in the Park, Life is a Freeride.
 The two Colour3 polishes with their assigned top polish, and, you can barely see it, an experiment with Midnight Date and Stop for an Ice Cream: mixing the tops was fun!

...and everything went matte! Life is a Freeride looks so splendid! I am really happy with those polishes, if you still find something in stores, buy'em. I've read of people complaining for Essence's new brushes, but I think they're really good to work with.

Review: They all get an A! Especially if you consider that the Colour3 polishes were at 1.19 euros each..

Stay tuned for details, tomorrow I'll post my Valentine's Day nails and the special gift I's nail related!

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