domenica 29 marzo 2015

Orly Lunar Eclipse

Here it comes the first one of the polishes I bought at Cosmoprof this year, Orly Lunar Eclipse. A total beauty. In the bottle it's a dark blue - blurple shimmer with a shift towards violet-purple.
On my nails the duochrome shift is visible only under artificial lights.
As other Orly shimmers I have tried, it's quite sheer and I had to apply three coats for full opacity - would probably look great on a black base.

The quality is really good, however. With Seche Vite it lasted 4, almost 5 days without chipping!
And it's really beautiful, I can never have enough blue polishes. And enough Orlys. I mean, who does?

2 commenti:

  1. E' da quando è uscita la cosmic fx (vista in anteprima all'intrecharm di Milano) che lo desideravo! Durante questo cosmoprof me lo sono finalmente accaparrata :D

    1. Ah, lo hai preso anche tu? Brava!