mercoledì 25 marzo 2015

Cosmoprof Report

As last year, I went to Cosmoprof with my sister. But this year I forgot to bring my camera, because I am a shitty blogger. So all pics you see besides the last one have been taken with my cellphone.
 I didn't request a blogger pass, so I just enjoyed the day with her. I went there on monday hoping to find less chaos and more discounts. I was kinda wrong on the first of these because there were so many people! More than I had expected, to be honest. And kids, despite being it theoretically only for +14. Who the hell brings their kid to such a place is beyond my understand.
Anyway, a lot of other great bloggers wrote lengthy articles about the new upcoming products and limited editions, so I am only writing my humble impressions here.
The pavillion 34 has always some nice surprises and confirmations. I left my heart at the Manic Panic booth, I really wanted the teal lipstick and another cross gloss, but I ended up getting only the pressed powder identical to the one I already own and have almost finished.
At BB Cream Italia I got a Make Up Revolution palette (Give Them Nightmares) and a liquid matte lippie in a wonderful violet, kinda similar to the Electric Amethyst shade by MP but matte. Ah, I really wanted a matte lippie in that color, I'm so glad I found it! I kinda wish I had gotten another one too, I already tried it and it feels soft and wonderful, it's not lip drying at all! I went back to their booth before leaving, but there was almost nothing left, and in terms of Make Up Revolution liquid lipsticks there was only the shade I had already purchased (Depraved) and a hot pink. I would have gotten the red.
We also visited the Nations pavillion, where at Flormar I got some square cotton pads and a hand cream. The hand cream's inci isn't exactly great, but for 2 euros I can't really complain. We also visited the Nyx booth, where I drooled over the macaron lipstick and discovered that no, they don't sell on monday. Last year we were told they would sell on monday, so shame on you Nyx, either your sales assistants are ill informed or you're a liar.
In the Nails pavillion I got a couple Orlys - the ones you see in the picture, the shades are Lunar Eclipse and Tropical Pop - and the Essie polish you see, from the new autumn range, a cashmere matte shade. It's my first Essie!
On a second note, why does the nail pavillion always has such loud and blaring music? It's like being at a disco. The Color Club booth was tempting but the prices were not low at all - like Opi, they didn't discount their products so much, and I got nothing from them in the end.

Shoot out to the Essence booth that had a very cute vending machine: you inserted a "Beauty Dollar" coupon given for free at their booth and you could choose a new polish for you (for free)! They had to refill it quite often, believe me!
In terms of free samples we were given a free shampoo with a fragrance of our choice by Davines and a super cute shopper with some hair treatment samples by Amika. And Manic Panic gave us pens and keychains, and we also got a sticker and sticky pads. At this point I own a ridiculous amount of MP merchandise, probably more than the people who work there.
I am satisfied of my haul, quite frankly I came there mostly for shopping and to enjoy a day with my sister, I had not seen her for months, not even spent an entire day with her!

( I will load the pics from my phone as soon as I can, obviously the bluetooth isn't working)

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  1. Nemmeno io avevo il pass blogger ma chissene, mi sono divertita un sacco :D
    Cmq il lunedì i parrucchieri sono chiusi e anche molti estetisti, per quello c'è una ressa impressionante anche il lunedì:)

    1. Eh me ne sono accorta, avevo dimenticato il fattore parrucchieri! Tra quelli e le scuole non si girava...