giovedì 2 ottobre 2014

Essence Haul

A mini Essence haul! Reviews of the single products coming soon.
For now I can show you I what I got. There were many Essence products that were tempting, but I ended up only getting the Lash Princess mascara, since I'm almost out of mascare and it came with a free eyeliner. Who am I to say no to a free eyeliner? The Lash Princess packaging is super cool.
I found the Hello Autumn display almost already ravaged, but there were still a couple of palettes. And these two polishes, which I took. So far, I've been loving them-the termo effect is far more visible on the brown one, and I suggest you don't miss it.
My boyfriend went on a small trip abroad (Slovenia) and I asked him to get me some thermo polishes. This was the only one left! I haven't tried it yet, but I'm looking forward to it.
The liquid sand effect top coat was tempting, and I will probably get it someday. And the striping tape too.

Did you get anything new from Essence?

2 commenti:

  1. Stupenda la confezione del mascara! Facci sapere come ti trovi con gli smalti ;)

    1. Finora il marrone è quello più bello in assoluto (farò una rece più appropriata, ma va dal marrone cioccolata freddo al mattone caldo, una meraviglia, molto autunnale poi!), in quello verde il cambiamento è meno vistoso..