mercoledì 12 giugno 2013

Catrice 02 Play It Blue- Candy Shock LE

Here, meet Play it blue! The website said that the light blue and the orange one would have a "chalky matt powder effect". I don't know what they were exactly aiming for, but surely it is matte.

Luckily it has a big brush, so the chances of leaving brush strokes are diminished, but it's still not the easiest polish on the planet to apply, I still recommend care. In some reviews I've read that it "floods the cuticles", honestly, I don't think it does it at all, it was overall easy to apply with some minimum care.
I used three thick coats, since I didn't want to ruin the finish with topcoat. The first signs of tipwear are already showing, but I had waited because I wanted to take pics in daylight. It's also fast drying.
I really love the color, a very soft pastel blue, I have nothing like it.

Vote: A-
Would I recommend it? Yes! The cuteness overpowers the small application problems.

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