lunedì 24 giugno 2013

Blue, teal and gold

I haven't posted for a while because 1) exams argh 2) wasn't satisfied with my last nail art efforts.

However, I still want to show you this. I did this mani a week ago, the gold tips didn't show tipwear for approximately 5 days, which is super great. When they did, I recovered them with gold and started with the nail art I wanted to do... until I realized I had forgotten my nail art brush at home, and had no substitutes here. My watercolor brushes were all too big, so I didn't complete this nail art. Also, the artificial light fails to capture the beauty of those colors.

It has an Ancient Egypt feel, don't you think?
I am absolutely in love with kiko 294, such a gorgeous blue. Oh, and both the blue and the teal (essence 03 life is a freeride) lasted more than a week without topcoat, I'm impressed.
The gold is my trusty Kiko 628, a must have.

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