giovedì 21 marzo 2013

Sinful Colors Cinderella

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to another polish that's a pain the neck to capture in photos:

It's sunny at least and I managed to take a photo with natural light!

It's a pastel light blue with gold and pink microflakes. I find the name very accurate!
When I saw that Coin had put on a Sinful Colors display I decided I absolutely needed to try something, the price is low and the colors are beautiful. I fell in love with Gorgeous, that I didn't buy yet, and ended up with Cinderella instead. Later I remembered having read reviews of it and was even more eager to try it on.
You know when sometimes a polish seems beautiful in the bottle then you try it on and it's just not as great? Well, Cinderella is not that kind of polish. What the bottle promises, you'll get it. It is, however, very sheer, you will need at least three coats.
I am very happy with this purchase, I recommend it.
Vote: A-.

My lack of posts lately is due the university and my lack of time, I usually paint my nails in the evening after dinner but now that I have to go to bed considerably earlier, it doesn't have time to dry. My last experiment, that was supposed to be another Historical Figure mani, came out as a fail also because of this. Plus, let's face it, sephora polishes take centuries to dry.

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