martedì 12 marzo 2013

Historical Figures Series: Horatio Nelson

I know I haven't posted anything in days, but university (and videogames...) kept me busy. Plus, Burlesque by Shaka was incredibly long lasting, after five days it had just started to show signs of tipwear. Now that's good quality!
But onwards with the news! Mixing my obsession with History and the time spent playing Civilization V I decided to start a new nail art series inspired by historical figures. There will be people I've read the biography of and people that I just find fascinating...

I will start with the british Admiral Horatio Nelson:

And that's my take on it. I am in love with Royal Navy uniforms.


It was also a good occasion to try 19 Denim Blue by Avon (more like navy blue to me...), a polish lent me by a friend of mine (we're borrowing each other's polishes!).

The other colors are my trusty white 203 and mirror gold 628 by Kiko.

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