lunedì 12 gennaio 2015

Revlon Ginger Melon

I was supposed to post about another polish, and I've got a review of the Neve Cosmetics Mistero Barocco palette coming soon. But this polish is so stunning I had to blog about it.
Basically, it's a Barbie pink perfectly opaque in two coats. I was afraid it might show some lines  but the color ended up perfectly, and with a good drying time (no seche vite here).
The smell isn't as strong as its companion Wintermint, but it's a delicious sweet smell that really makes me think of melon.
Yeah, it might seem like a summer color.. but there were 21 degrees here yesterday (Northern Italy, guys), so why not. A vibrant neon pink that doesn't require a white base to stand out? Yes, please!
The color is very reminiscent of the Eighties, so I'll probably do a nail art on it.
For now, i really love this color and I definitely recommend it!

2 commenti:

  1. 21 gradi? Qui a nord est ce ne erano 6, stamattina XD
    Cmq è carino :)

    1. Adesso è già tornato il freddo, ma per due giorno c'era la gente in giro in maglietta...