mercoledì 17 dicembre 2014

Revlon Wintermint

I always wanted to try those "scented" nail polishes by Revlon. And the cute bottles were a part, I'm going to admit it. However since I could never find them under 5 euros I always left them on the shelf with a sigh. After all, what if the quality isn't that great or the scent fades instantly?
But I found a Revlon store at the train station... who sold those for 2,90 euros. Now, that is what i call a good price.
I got only one because I wanted to test it, but I am probably getting more of them soon.
The one I got was Wintermint, a mint green (duh) with golden shimmer and blue microglitter. Even if it were scentless it would be nice in a collection, right?

I applied three thin coats of polish and no top coat, to see if the scent thing was real. Boy, it really was! My nails smelled of delicious mint and it was quite a strong scent! The thing I liked more was how relaxing the scent felt, it was really pleasing.
I've been wearing it for 3 days now, and not only it hasn't chipped, but if put my nails under my nose I can still smell the mint. Granted, it's not as strong as the first day, but it still feels nice.
Really satisfied about this, I can't wait to try some more, maybe Lime Basil.

4 commenti:

  1. Lui è il più bello di tutti! E dura tantissimo. L'odore però svanisce, la vecchia linea "Fizz" era molto più duratura :)

    1. Sì, ce l'ho da quasi una settimana (senza topcoat) e ancora è quasi perfetto..

  2. L'ho ricevuto da Stregalice che non ne reggeva l'odore e l'ho provato su un'unghia... incredibile!! Spero di provarlo come si deve al più presto :)

    1. Eh sì, merita proprio! La trovo una cosa molto rilassante..