martedì 13 maggio 2014

Color spotlight: green

So, I know I have neglected this blog for a while (university, urgh), but now I have the first of what I hope will be a nice series of posts. I will focus on my favorite shades of green when it comes to makeup and nail polish. For nail polish, you can see Deborah Green Fluo 45 that I've been wearing lately. 
I tried to select my 5 favorite green polishes. Not easy!

Besides the Deborah one, I picked Kiko 441 Electron Green, Essence L.O.L, OPI Don't Talk Bach To Me and Essence Choose Me!

Green Fluo 45 is a nice neon green, that like all neons requires a white base. Topped with a shiny top coat it's really nice. Electron Green is a personal fave, annoying to remove for the glitter, but very pretty. I have a thing for lime green, so L.O.L. and Don't Talk Bach To Me (which leans more to pistachio, actually, but whatevs). Choose Me! is a wonderful dragon green (can I define it like that? ), packed with shimmer and awesomeness that got discontinued for no good reason, if you ask me. Essence, seriously, why?

When it comes to make up, I can show you two brushes, one by Neve Cosmetics and the other one by Essence, both definitely good (the Essence one was surprisingly good), a waterproof eye pencil by Sephora that shows how clearly Sephora and me have different ideas of what waterproof means. It's not much resistant and it gets in my crease pretty quickly, it's a pity because it's a wonderful shimmery olive green.
UD eye pencil in Invasion needs no explanations, I believe.. a wonderful matte dark forest green.
For the eyeshadows, there's Concrete Minerals Toxic. I wish it were more on the limey side rather than a pastel green, but I honestly don't care because, like its blue brother, it's greatly pigmented and the quality is amazing.
I included the whole Neve Cosmetics Duochrome palette because all its greens are wonderful. All of them.

What do you think of this series of posts? Any idea for improvement and/or color you really want to see next?

3 commenti:

  1. Il verde è un colore che non mi dispiace ma che sulle mie unghie lo trovo sempre un po'... strano!
    Behhhh, ma se chiedi a me io direi assolutamente blu <3
    Mi piace questo tipo di post ^^

    1. Ne sono lieta! Pensa che inizialmente avrei dovuto cominciare col blu... quindi non mi dispiace affatto che il blu sia il prossimo!